Adult Education Online – The Modern Solution to Obtaining a College Degree

We all lead busy lives. Most adults have varied and multiple commitments. There are jobs, kids, school and sports activities for the kids and many other commitments that the average adult has on an ongoing basis. We are over committed with little time to commit to ourselves and to education. The solution for many can be to pursue adult education online – a viable solution to higher education.

Education online is offered by most colleges. The degrees obtained are just as accepted as traditional degrees that were obtained in a classroom setting. Today, online education is fast becoming the way many people, including everyone from professional working adults to young people, are obtaining their degrees.

It is no falsehood that in today’s economy jobs are getting harder to come by. Education is a lever to securing the job that you need. It also helps a person keep the job they have and advance through the ranks. Education is seen as something that not everyone has, but they should have. If a person is working to obtain their degree, they will be ahead of the person who only has a high school diploma.

Many employers encourage their employees to take classes. Working and going to school can be difficult. For some it can be impossible. Adult education online works within a person’s schedule and goes where ever they go. For example, if a person works in a job where their schedule is changing from week to week, attending a traditional college class can be nearly impossible. The employer may be unable to schedule around a class schedule. Those taking education classes online can take their classes in the off time during the week, regardless of when that time is. As long as their assignments are done on time they can be worked on at any time.

At an online school, a person can earn a degree in fields such as business administration, computer information systems, criminal justice and even for those who are still undecided, there are degree programs in general studies. While you can pursue your dreams of an associate or bachelor’s degree, there are also classes to take for enrichment or certification. These topics include classes in the medical, real estate and professional fields.

Whatever the goal, there are adult education online classes to help a person get there. With the advancements in technology, all that is needed is a computer and access to the Internet. A school guidance counselor will help you assess your goals and help you attain what you need to get started.

Adult education online is fast becoming how people are securing their degrees. These degrees in turn will help the people with them get and keep the jobs of the future. Education is the way to improve the future.

Building A Computer Home Based Business

In the complex and fast driven world of technology today, the computer and internet are quickly becoming incredible tools to begin and succeed in a home business. This process, upon original discussion, truly sounds easy yet there are incredible steps involved that make for a very tough decision process once determined. As such, one should understand the basics of building a computer home based business prior to launch.

Truly, today, the computer and internet are making it incredibly possible and easier for people to being a business from the comfort of their own home. Today, there are millions of small business owners that are operating within this revolutionary concept which truly makes for a rich benchmark in appeal. This is definitely not for everyone as there are countless competitors which could be deterrents to success.

For this business to be successful, one key element is being able to sit at a computer for long periods of time. There are people that are simply unable to do this as if often can become monotonous and difficult to keep concentration. If one is more of a mobile person, this may not be the career for them.

Also, one should assess if they have computer skills and are computer literate. Naturally, this home based business requires computer skills and knowledge for efficient daily business operations. If one lacks these skills, there truly are countless classes and tutorials able to be taken which allows for an incredible ease of use and should be taken prior to starting the business.

The internet is an incredibly diverse and complex environment to operate within which does require a certain level of knowledge. There are several online internet courses that are able to be taken which allows anyone to easily use it and provides an incredible learning environment. As such, there should be a very sound knowledge of how to navigate and effectively use it.

This business category could take some time to generate cash flow and earn a profit. Thus, one should truly have some form of financial savings and backing prior to starting the business to ensure survival and being able to provide the necessities in life. This should definitely occur prior to starting the business.

Finally, determine which niche of computer home based business one would like to begin. There are countless options including Network Marketing, Sales and Marketing, Freelance Writing, and many others. If one has experience in any one of these niches, one should greatly consider starting in that segment.

Work at Home Internet Business – Start Your Own Home Based Business Today!

With the growing concerns about today’s economy, more and more people are finding a way to start a home based business. Running a business from home in today’s market is far easier than it was, simply because more people are computer savvy than they were just a few years ago.Home businesses are on the rise like never before. However, this also brings on more scams than ever before. When starting a work at home business, always be on the lookout for these types of operations. I’m not telling you this to turn you off from starting a home-based business at all. After all, a work from home business could be the answer to your financial problems.A Home-Based Business Don’t Have to Be Hard and Complicated!A home based business can be really hard and complicated, that is, if you get hooked up with the wrong program or the wrong people. When searching for that right opportunity, try to research the people or the program you’re interested in. However, use your own judgment for your final decision. Trust your instincts. The reason I say this is because some things you read on the internet are misleading. For example, Some reviews will give a good product a bad review just to get you to look at their product. They use the popularity of a good product to get a search return from a search engine like Google, and then write a bad review about the good product. At the end, they’ll recommend their product. Sounds complicated at first, but that’s the way it is!Now, Where Did We Get To?Now back to the business at hand. And that’s how to start a home based business. When starting a work at home business, I found it’s always good to start with one program and work it until you can manage it with very little time on your part and then move on to your next venture. Too many people trying to start a home business try to get too many things started at one time. What usually happens is, they end up getting buried alive with more work than they can handle. Home businesses can be easy to run if you do it right in the beginning.

Best of Both Worlds – Why Not a Home Based Business?

It’s every salaried man and woman’s dream and probably more than a few self employed people who work from an office too. The benefits of running your own business, being your own boss, keeping your own hours and all this from the comfort of your own home. It just sounds too good to be true. Well, the reality of running a home based business isn’t always that rosy. As a matter a fact it can be a right royal pain in the behind at best or fail miserably at worst.Working from home is not exactly a new or unique concept. In the past most business was done from a shop or small factory or workshop that was part of the family home. In many parts of the world today it is still the norm. The practice of living and working in the same place does make a lot of sense and holds many benefits. It is great not having to pay rent on a building, living 30 seconds from work, not having to sit for hours in traffic and being able to get up and have a sandwich and a cup of coffee whenever you feel like it. Nirvana indeed.There are several pitfalls in this idyllic wonderland though, pitfalls that are generally only discovered when one starts working from home. The exponential increase in self discipline that is required, constant distractions and the stigma that often surrounds the “one man band” or home based business are just a few of the problems that one has to contend with. You need to be dedicated, driven and passionate about what you do to work from home. A simple desire to stop working “for the man” is just not going to cut it.To make a success of a home based business you have to be a far stricter boss than “the man” ever was. You need to set a rigid and uncompromising work schedule for yourself and adhere to it religiously. You also need to set yourself up in a place in your home where you will not be bombarded with distractions all day (and more likely all night). It just doesn’t work sitting and trying to be productive while little Johnny beats the stuffing out of his brother or his drum set in the room next door. Family members need to buy into this process unconditionally as well. Work times have to be off limits to all but 3 alarm fires or the discovery of a winning lottery ticket.One of the problems often encountered by work-at-homers is the misconception that a small business is small time. The absence of a penthouse suite is deemed to be a sign of mediocrity and lack of success. This is a problem that can be alleviated only by making a name for yourself and building trust among your clients. You can cure cancer but there just are no pills for a snob.The good news is that not only is a successful home based business possible, but it can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do. It is cheap, convenient, flexible and rewarding. If you can exercise the required amount of discipline and fulfil the basic business needs of supply and demand then it can and does work. Good luck!

Home Based Business Ideas to Help You Make Big Money

You can now start a business of your own just sitting at home. Home based business has become a popular alternative for people who cannot go out and work. Online business is very easy to start and making it a success is in your hands.However, it is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Apart from this, a successful home based business also depends on enterprise and marketing skills.Today millions of people around the world are into home based business. Your task is a daunting one having to compete with all of them. With limited resources your marketing skills should be excellent to break through the stiff competition.Find effective advertising mediums:There are various ways one can market their home based businesses. Identifying the right and economical advertising method is the key. There are quite a few methods by which you can market your products or services around the globe. You can publish newsletters online and market your products or services. This is a good way of making your product visible to a lot of people around the world. You can write about your product or service and wait for the response.You do not need the help of anyone in this. You can do it by yourself. All you need to do is to present your business in an attractive manner with links to your website if you have any. You could also exchange your links with other online businesses. Link exchange partners are available and you can link up with one of them. This ensures increased traffic which views your advertisement and gives you more business.Quality of your product is critical:One thing important to be kept in mind is the quality of your service or product. Product or service you are offering most often speak for itself. If they are good, your business is sure to grow. This will ensure you gain the confidence of your customers who are sure to come back to you again and again. They will also refer their friends and acquaintances which will help generate more business. A good quality product or service is always in demand.Success therefore does not depend only on marketing skills. You also need to deliver a good product. This will ensure the growth of your business. With the right combination of hard work, dedication and commitment to quality, sky is the limit. Your home based business can grow in leaps and bounds if all this is supported by enterprising marketing. Set your home based business on the right path with your marketing skills.Making money online with home based business is now very easy with so many options open and a great technology to support. All we need is adequate knowledge about the latest trend in the market and unique strategies to capitalize on the same.Making money through home based business can be good for any target group be it housewives, Working moms, Senior citizens etc are many business models that are available. So one can select a particular way to make money online depending on their skill and competency levels.

5 Money Making Steps to Reversing a Negatively Geared Property in One Month

Investing in property is one of the most profitable avenues to venture into. As an investment, it has several advantages over other business opportunities including rental income, increase of investment due to appreciation, investment through value addition, cushioning during inflation and increase of the owners equity (difference between the market value of the home and the loan outstanding) upon servicing of loans.However, these advantages may fade in the face of current economic hardships and government interference. (The government in Australia is said to own more than 72% of the land according to Common Sense magazine by Viv Forbes). In the midst of these hardships, many property owners are now exploring other ways to reverse the losses that they are incurring from their properties.If you find yourself in this situation, here are some 5 steps that you need to adopt to change a nose diving trend in your otherwise valued property:1. Improve ManagementManagement is one of the ignored aspects of property ownership. Negatively geared properties are usually a result of poor initial choices including location, acquisition fees and disrepair. Further investment failure arises when these are combined with poor management. It is critical that owners avoid the idea of limiting their possible earnings by concentrating management within themselves and family members. Family members are not always the most qualified to make the dispassionate decisions that professional property managers can.If you choose to personally finance your property to another individual, management of the property becomes even more important. The good news is most people who desire to have a wrapped mortgage often treat the property as if it was their own simply because one day they will have the required equity in the property to get bank finance etc. Which means your house will be their house, which is why wraps are a great win-win.2. Opt for Property WrapProperty wrapping enables you to start making a profit much more quickly because you don’t have to wait on title searches and bank red tape. With a property wrap option, the purchaser can literally sign a contract with you and you can make money that very day itself.3. Recondition/Remodel Your PropertyThis is one of the easiest means of improving the market value of your property; a well presented property will instantly command a better price in the market. As with everything else, first impressions do count when it comes to property.Identifying your target occupants plays a significant role when refurbishing your property. Are you looking to attract families, college students or expatriates?While you may want to keep the décor modern and contemporary for younger couples, a more country décor would be a better option for families. Expatriates on the other hand will have other preferences. A good agent will assist you in identifying the likes and dislikes of your prospective tenants.It is equally important to keep in mind that refurbishing a property to sell is different from refurbishing a property that is being rented. Renting may require flashiness in terms of a quick painting job while selling demands an element of durability.If you choose to go into a house wrap with a buyer, there are other special considerations. The wrapee may find things in the home that they feel should be remodeled or changed. This can be a great opportunity for the seller to get the property improved very cheaply or even free of charge depending on your agreement with the potential buyer.Many buyers are willing to do the work if you provide the materials, and a serious wrapee will do the renovations, repairs, or improvements without asking for a dime. It is to their benefit to better the property if they are sure they want to buy it out right somewhere down the road.If they do not end up purchasing the property, they have still improved the property for it to resell. Just be careful to stay on top of any changes done to your property while it is under a wrapped mortgage. Most changes will be beneficial to both parties, but make sure any changes are done properly and the décor remains neutral and appeals to a maximum amount of future potential buyers.4. Let out the Extra RoomsIn Australia, properties with extra rooms have increased dramatically since 2001. These provide the owner with an option of renting the extra. One of the major advantages of this option is that it is easy to find occupiers who will have fewer rights as opposed to full tenants. Setting of ground rules is, however, advisable.Better yet, if you find you have extra room in your house, it may be a great property to wrap. You can sell it to an individual who actually needs that much room, and purchase another property for yourself. Property wrapping will provide you with immediate extra cash flow to help you pay the mortgage on your personal home.5. Petition for Better Accompanying AmenitiesThe location of the property is a great determining factor as far as the sale price and rent is concerned. Property owners who may not have purchased or built in areas that have attractive facilities may form unions to improve the basic amenities of their locations. Security, water, sewerage, electricity and roads are some of the most important considerations. The pushing of agendas through government authorities is also easier if the pressure of unions is brought to bear on governmental authorities. If you choose to finance the property to another individual, make sure you choose someone who wants to help in the fight to better the community as a whole.

Costa Del Sol and Marbella Property Management

Owning a property in Marbella can be a great investment. This glamorous city attracts people from all over the world, who flock to its gorgeous beaches and wonderful restaurants to spend their days in the sun. Truth is, there are few better places in Spain to own a holiday home. But with all of the benefits of buying a home in Marbella come a few less-than-convenient responsibilities, as well.

With any home, there is a lot to take care of; and this is especially true when you don’t live in the property year round. And unless you’re lucky to be close enough to Marbella to care for your own property, you will need to find a Marbella property management company to maintain your home. Why? Because leaving a home empty and un-cared for extended periods of time is a good way to sour your otherwise sweet investment.

What Property Management Entails

When you care for your regular year-round home, you probably don’t give much thought to checking to see if the shutters are working properly or that the toilets are flushed often enough– these things are taken care of in day-to-day living. But when you own a part-time or rental property in Marbella, you need to make a special effort to see that these things are done.

A Marbella property management company will work with your property to see that it is always well maintained and up to standard. They will do periodic inspections of the property (generally weekly) to air out and examine the home. This includes completing obvious must-do tasks, such as checking your water heater, gas, and electricity, as well as doing peripheral maintenance, like ensuring that curtains and blinds are fully operational. Away from Marbella often and looking for a little extra convenience? A property management service can also take care of small (but important) chores, such as watering your plants, forwarding your mail, and assisting you with everyday issues with the community or your utilities.

The truth is, no matter how great your Marbella property may be, you should expect things to go wrong now and again. Which is why having a quality property management service is so important. A property management company will contact you immediately when they discover any problems anywhere on the property, from a malfunctioning light socket to a flooding toilet. Also, while the Costa del Sol sees almost-perfect weather year-round, the area is not immune to occasional intense storm. Your Marbella property management company will be responsible for inspecting your property after periods of severe weather, assuring that nothing has been damaged.

Special Benefits for Rentals

Many people who purchase a home in Marbella aren’t able to live there year-round. But part of what makes Marbella property such a lucrative investment is the ability to rent it out. Throughout the year (but especially in summer), the demand for high-quality holiday flats in the city is through the roof. But just because you rent out a property doesn’t mean you’ll always be there to clean and care for it. Good property management services offer additional cleaning and laundry services before and after a visit to your property– whether it’s you that’s visiting, or a paid renter. Looking to make paying visitors ecstatic about their stay? Your property management service can also arrange for welcome packs to be provided for new visitors.

Extra Services

Some home owners want to be involved in every aspect of caring for their holiday home. Others, however, prefer the hands-off approach. Property management companies can provide plenty of additional services for your property that go above and beyond everyday maintenance. If you need painting, decorating, plumbing, satellite TV installation, or even additional construction done while you’re away from your property, it can be taken care of for you with a call to your Marbella property management service.

How Can CPM Advertising Help Your Business?

Cost Per Thousand, or CPM, advertising is a type of online advertising that bases charges on how many thousands of times an advertisement is shown on a Web site. The “M” in “CPM” stands for “mille,” the Latin word for “thousand.” Cost Per Thousand advertising is the most widely used online advertising costing method, and Google’s AdWords is the most popular choice for CPM advertising.

The main advantage of using CPM advertising is that you are able to choose the Web sites that will display your advertisements. You can target a specific demographic group by selecting certain Web sites and also determine how much exposure you want your product or service to have. This helps eliminate advertising charges for Internet users who are not genuinely interested in your product or service. Besides selecting great Web sites for your advertisements, you can also choose specific Web sites that you do not want to use to display your advertisements. All this results in a more focused advertising campaign and can lead to increased sales for your business.

You begin your CPM advertising by placing a maximum CPM bid. This is how you indicate the maximum amount you are willing to pay for every thousand advertisement displays, or impressions. Your maximum CPM bid covers times your advertisement is shown, whether or not the user clicks on the ad or not. Remember that Cost Per Thousand advertising is very popular, and the bids for using this advertising method will be competitive.

Cost Per Thousand advertising is a placement-targeted advertising tool, which means you are in charge of determining where your advertisement will be placed. To use Google AdWords for CPM advertising, your selected Web sites must be part of the Google Content Network. Google AdWords will supply you with a Placement Tool to help you find Web sites that will promote your business effectively.

By using the Google Placement Tool, you can choose your advertising Web sites by entering the site’s specific website address. The Placement Tool can give you a list of Web sites to choose from if you enter a description of the advertisement topic. You can also browse through the Placement Tool’s diverse list of categories and subcategories to find appropriate Web sites to place your advertisement.

Another option is to choose the specific demographic group your advertisement targets. The Placement Tool will provide you a list of sites that are visited frequently by people in that demographic group. Requesting Web sites by description, category, or demographic group will result in a list of up to 100 Web sites to choose from. Using Google AdWords’ Placement Tool is a simple way to direct your advertisements to your intended audience.

Google’s Cost Per Thousand advertisements can be either text-based or image-based. If you choose to have an image-based advertisement, the image can be animated. Text-based advertisements will expand or contract to fit the Web page location size. AdWords will also keep a daily log of your advertisement’s impressions, allowing you to keep track of how often your advertisement is displayed on a Web site.

The Finer Points of Internet Auctions


Penny auctions have exploded in popularity with the massive growth of the internet. However, few people know the true origins of penny auctions.Beginnings actually stretch back to the Great Depression. Those were hard times for everyone, but even harder for farmers. Farmers struggled to bring in steady income because of droughts and crops not selling as well as they had previously. As a result, the banks would foreclose on the farmers who couldn’t keep up with their mortgage payments.

The banks weren’t satisfied with just repossessing the house, they wanted to raise as much capital as possible, so they resorted to selling off the possessions of the owners of the repossessed houses. There was not much the farmers could do about it so they began bidding ridiculously low prices, pennies, on the items while threatening others who dared to bid higher than a few pennies.

The auctions of today hardly resemble their tremulous beginnings. Being part of a penny auction today is exhilarating, fun, and addictive. It combines the selling format of auctioning with a little bit of chance factored in.Auctions are a game of strategy but also a game of luck.

The premise behind penny auctions is giving people the chance to win an item at a drastically reduced price.Auctions make that possible by spreading out the cost of the product among multiple bidders. In order for a person to take part in an auction, they must pay a set price for each bid. For example, if a person wanted to bid on a fifty dollar Amazon gift card then he would spend a dollar for each time a bid placed. If he ended up winning the gift card, then he would only have spent a few dollars for a fifty dollar gift card. Usually penny auctions sell bids in packages.


The main foundation of penny auctions is the pay-per-bid format. It is the key that allows bidders to win items at the fraction of their retail value and allows the auction owners to keep their site profitable. Most y auction sites run on the same premise: people pay a set amount for each bid, whenever a person places a bid within the closing seconds of the auction time will be added, the last person left with a unique bid after the clocks runs out will win the item. There are a large variety of items that can be won, but they tend to be popular electronics or gift cards to popular stores.

There are two types of auctions: lowest unique bid auction and highest unique bid auction. Lowest unique auction sounds confusing but it is actually quite simple. A unique bid is when only one person has a bid at a certain price. Bids usually start at one penny, a bidder can then place a bid at two pennies. Until another bidder places a higher bid, the most recent bidder will be the lowest unique bid because that was the only bid at two cents and nobody bid higher. However, penny auctions generally don’t stop at one penny. It is not uncommon to find auctions that end up at a couple hundred dollars based on the popularity of the item being auctioned. However, the same principles apply for those auctions. Highest unique bid auctions follow the more traditional auction format such as eBay. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the item.

Auction site owners turn a profit by selling bids. Say twenty people are bidding on a ten dollar gift card at one dollar per bid, at the end of the auction if there were twenty bids placed in total then the site owner would have made twenty dollars with a ten dollar profit.Auctions do seem like a win-win situation:The site owner makes money while the bidder gets an item for dirt cheap. However, not everyone wins in penny auctions. The people who paid one dollar each bid but left with nothing to show for their investments will not be so happy.


Penny auction has a lot of chance mixed into it, but one can incorporate strategy that will help raise the chances of winning. Playing smart can make all the difference between gambling and auctioning.

The first crucial tip to winning penny auctions is to know how to manage your bids. Your goal should be to win as much as possible without spending a ton of money buying bids. Managing your bids means that you should already know how much you are willing to risk in order to win an item. The amount of capital you are willing to risk will determine how many bids you can use. Once you know how many bids you have to spend on an item, then you will be better able to manage how and when you place a bid. That will keep you from blowing away all of your bids in the first few seconds of the auction.

The next tip is to practice time management. When fighting in the trenches of penny auctions, you have two enemies: other bidders and time. Knowing when to bid is a must if you want to have success. Placing a bid when there is a lot of time left on the clock is never a good idea. You have to remember that the key to winning a penny auction is being the last one standing when the clock runs out and that each bid increases the amount of time left. It would be a good practice to wait until the last few minutes of the auction before you begin to bid.

The final tip for successful auctioning is to keep your emotions under control.Auctions have a lot of similarities to gambling, and just like gambling, your spending can get out of control. If you keep your emotions level, it will keep you from making rash decisions and blowing loads of cash. Keep your mind clear so that you can gage the behavior of the other bidders and outsmart them.


Penny auctions are a great addition to the web whether you want to win an item that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford or if you simply enjoy the thrill that comes with bidding in auctions. Unfortunately, scam sites have tarnished the reputation of the legitimate penny auction sites. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from scamers and enjoy your auctioning without having to worry about losing your money due to dishonesty.

Checking the reputation of the auction site before you start spending your hard earned money is always a good idea. Chances are other people have tried the site before you and some of them have left reviews. The reviews are your way to gage whether a auction site is trustworthy or not. If a site is getting overwhelmingly negative reviews, then that is a clear indication that you should steer your business elsewhere.

Another tool you can use to protect yourself is checking the Alexia ranks of the auction sites. Alexia rank will give a solid view of how much traffic the auction is getting. If you see a huge difference in the amount of traffic Alexia is projecting and the amount of active bidders on the site, then warning signals should be ringing in your head. Some auction sites have been known to set up robots that automatically bid on projects in order to keep the auction going and inflate the price. That is known as shill bidding. You can sniff out those sites by comparing the traffic the site should be getting to the amount of users using this site.


New legislation may come out later down the road that will officially make penny auctions gambling, but until then, it is a fun, exciting auction that allows one to win the item they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.Auctions are also quite lucrative for the site owners because of the pay-per-bid strategy they’ve incorporated. Penny auctions had humble beginnings with farmers who just wanted to get back at the banks who kicked them out of their house. More recently, auctions have enjoyed an explosion in popularity with the rise of the internet.

There are two main formats fora auctions, lowest and highest unique auction, however they both run on the same premise where the last unique bid wins the item. Winning a penny auction will require a certain amount of mental tactic and a bit of luck. However, you can increase your odds of winning by practicing certain techniques such as managing your bids wisely, learning how to work with the time, and keeping a level head and your emotions under control. When you combine those three strategies to your bidding plan, you will find that you win a lot more often.

It is important that you do your due diligence to protect yourself when participating in auctions. Not every auction is run by honest and trustworthy people. There are people out there who just want to take your money. You can protect yourself by ensuring that you only bid on sites that already have a very positive reputation from real users.

How to Find Great Live Auctions for Resale Items

Hi, my name is Walt. I’m an auctioneer with 25 years of experience in the auction business and licensed in the state of MA. I own Quick Auction Service, a company that specializes in building and running custom auctions, I’m also the webmaster of my own site and have been on eBay for 8 years. Besides eBay, the types of auctions I run most frequently are antiques and on-site estate auctions, although I’ve run everything from business overstock auctions to charity & special event auctions.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and stories of the auction business. My goal for article is to help folks get the absolute most out of their auction experience.

Whether your fresh out of the package or a seasoned dealer I think I can offer something in this article to help you with your auciton adventures.

There may be as many reasons to attend auctions as there are types of auctions to attend. Maybe you want to attend an auction to buy items for re-sale on eBay, or some other market. Maybe you want to furnish your home with wonderful antiques, or you want to furnish your home as inexpensively without sacrificing quality.Some folks are just looking for a fun night out. With a little perseverance all these things are possible.

There are antiques and estate auctions, auto auctions, overstock auctions, absolute and no reserve auctions, real estate auctions, specialty auctions where only one genre of items are sold, tailgate auctions, live auctions, online auctions, sealed bid auctions, silent auctions, charity and fund raising auctions and many more.

Can you really buy for pennies on the dollar at an auction? You bet! Many times I’ve seen folks buy and re-sell at the same auction on the same night for a good profit, although be advised, this should only be done after the auction is over.

There are a lot of ways to find an auction, but here are some tips on how to find and attend the best ones.

Visit the genre of shops in the area that apply to the type of auction you want to attend. IE: If your looking for a good antique auction to attend, stop in the local antiques shops and ask for what there are for good auctions in the area. Sounds obvious right? But listen to what they don’t say as well as what they do say. Oftentimes when a dealer speaks poorly about an auction he or she attends, it may be likely that they are trying to keep a good thing secret. Think for a moment, why would a dealer keep attending a lousy auction?

Newspaper ads: I personally like to find ads in the classified ad section rather than flashy display ads. Flashy ads are usually indicative of an auction that will be high priced, may have reserves, (a set price on an item), and usually an enormous crowd. While any auction can be profitable to attend, it is usually best to steer clear of the glitzy ones, at least for the beginner.

Here’s the minimum you want to find out before you go. If there is a phone number in the ad, call and ask for the terms of the sale. What forms of payment do they accept? Is it an absolute auction? An absolute auction is one that has no minimum or reserve bids on items. These are the best auctions to attend! Is there a buyers premium? A buyers premium is like a tax that everyone who makes purchases at that auction must pay above the winning bid price. Most auctions these days do charge a buyers premium, 10% is not unreasonable but I feel much more than that is greedy, and the auctioneer that charges over 10% is counting on most bidders not doing the extra math as the bids quicken in pace.

A fair auction will have ample time to inspect the merchandise, usually at least 2 or 3 hours. Find out when inspection starts and make sure to attend! Never attend an auction if you can’t make the inspection, not unless your prepared to gamble. Most auctioneers sell at a rate of about 100 items per hour, which is why they sell “as is”. They simply don’t have the time to give a detailed description of all the items. Since almost all items at auction are sold AS IS, there are sure to be some damaged, refinished, fake and incomplete items at any given auction. Beware of any auctions that offer very little or no inspection time.

Good auctions will usually have 150 to 400 lots. A lot may be one item or a group of items. The exception to this are specialty auctions, auto auctions, real estate auctions etc.

When you attend your first sale, take note of the 1/2 dozen or so dealers that buy the most often. See if you can find out about other area auctions they attend.

When you do find an excellent auction, attend it as often as possible. By frequenting good sales, you help increase the bottom line of that business. It’s difficult for many auctioneers to keep the quality of merchandise consistent, so good attendance certainly helps. And when an auctioneer gets to know you as a buyer, he/she will go out of the way to accommodate you, to keep you coming back.